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Goutrin helps relieve pain and inflammation associated with Gout.


• Helps lower uric acid levels

• Reduces symptoms during flare-up of gout

• Helps relieve joint pain, stiffness and inflamation around joints

• A potent combination of 5 natural ingredients that prevent gout from recurring

• Naturally sourced from herbal ingredients

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Hydrolyzed Salmon Collagen for skin.



• Supports healthy hair and skin

• Helps repair and rebuild connective tissue

• Reduces wrinkles and appearance of cellulite

• Provides a wide spectrum of amimo acids (essential and non-essential)



MedicaOrganics is an online distributor of first-rate health supplements that use only the highest quality raw materials from around the world with nutrients containing vitamins and minerals that address both specific health needs and overall wellness state. The products we provide are most biologically active and beneficial as they can be.


We aim to distribute only the purest and most beneficial dietary supplements that are bioavailable and that will meet the needs of nutritionally aware individuals, in the most convenient way and at the most reasonable prices to help make for a naturally healthy way of life for people around the world.

Mark of Calgary, AB

I am currently 60 and for the past few years I had experienced those typical aches and pains associated with getting older:) The soreness was primarily in my joints - knee elbow and shoulder. I heard about wild salmon collagen as a remedy for this condition. I have been taking it twice a day since 2012 (5 years) and whether its this product or something else my joint pains are few and far between. I highly recommend this product! The discounted price on this site is tremendous. I normally buy 5 bottles at a time because shipping is then free.
Tonithetiger of Vernon, BC

Love the results that I see in the improvement in my skin. I am 52 and looking for best source of collagen for supplementation for all connective tissue and joints to help preserve youth. Saw this in my skin within a few days. Loving it!
Lola of Olalla, BC

Using in conjunction with bovine collagen and MMS Glucosamine Condroitin. Joints already less achey after only 1 month and it's winter.
John M of Los Angeles, CA

I have been using Goutrin for about 8 months. This product seems to greatly reduce discomfort in the big toe joint which is where I mainly feel the accumulation of uric acid. At one point, I ran out of Goutrin and the discomfort from uric acid was back. When I got some more Goutrin, it only took a couple days following the recommended dosage for the discomfort to subside.
Julia of New York, NY

This product has been amazing for my skin. I have really noticed a difference in the hydration and fine lines improvement on my face.
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